Posted by: kurtsh | February 10, 2008

HOWTO: Access the ‘old download site’ on the Microsoft Volume Licensing web site

I’ve gotten a few emails from a couple of my customers asking how to get access to the ‘old style’ download area of the Microsoft Volume Licensing web site (MVLS).

    It’s actually so simple, you’ll probably just shake your head.  Simply click the link for Product Downloads in the center of the VL home page that I’ve circled below in GREEN instead of clicking the link in the sidebar that I’ve circled in RED

    And how were you expected to know this?  Beats the heck out of me.  I had to figure it out on my own as well so trust me when I say, I’m on your side – and you’re not alone.


Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about regarding ‘old style’ and ‘new style’, you probably don’t have MVLS access for your company (the access permissions on to download Enterprise deployable versions of our products under your company’s Select or Enterprise Agreement) or you’re a new user to MVLS. 

This is what the "OLD" download site looks like:


And this is what the "NEW" download site looks like:


    There’s a separate organization that Microsoft that uses to manage the web site and get new content posted.  Both you and I know that the new download system isn’t as good as the old one simply because stuff is missing on the new site – and the old one was pretty weak but at least we all, over time, learned how to use it and the software’s always there.  For those of you that have been using the site for a while, you probably find yourself guessing what title a given Microsoft product’s filed under because there’s little rhyme or reason to the naming conventions.  Like "Windows Vista Business" vs "SA Windows Vista Enterprise" or "System Center Operations Manager" vs "Operations Manager 2007".

    (Speaking of inconsistencies, I’m kinda proud to say that I was responsible for getting MVLS to post bootable .ISOs of our operating systems on the site back in the Windows 2000 days.  You may recall a time when you had to actually burn your own stupid bootable CDROMs because MVLS wouldn’t post bootable versions of our OS’s.  Meanwhile we had .ISO images posted of eval versions of our software off of – go figure.  Trust me when I say – the Windows product groups were just as ticked as we were.  It’s a long story.)

    Anytime you have questions related to using the MVLS web site, you should mail mvlshelpa-AT-msdirectservices-DOT-com or phone 866 230 0560.


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