Posted by: kurtsh | January 30, 2008

NEWS: The Case of the missing 2 Million iPhones

cNet writes a interesting article that asks the simple question:
If there were 4 million iPhones shipped by Apple to AT&T according to Steve Jobs, and AT&T has only sold about 2 million according to their earnings conference… where’s the remaining 2 million?


Report: iPhones piling up at AT&T stores
Posted by Tom Krazit

Is demand for the iPhone in America already starting to wane?

AT&T, the exclusive American carrier of the iPhone, activated just 900,000 iPhones during the fourth quarter, the company revealed during its earnings conference call Thursday. It wrapped up the year with "just at or slightly under 2 million iPhone customers," according to company executives.

Apple announced at Macworld that it has sold 4 million iPhones through the middle of January, and Toni Sacconaghi, a financial analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein, thinks the gap between the figures means that Apple might have a demand problem. He released a research note Thursday after AT&T’s earnings saying that the carrier’s figures imply that an awful lot of inventory is building up at Apple’s channel partners.

(Article continues here.)


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