Posted by: kurtsh | January 24, 2008

WEBCAST: Rights Mgmt – “Ensuring Complete Protection of your Microsoft Word docs”

[This is a 3rd party webcast being done by a partner of ours that is very expert in Rights Management.]

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Titus Labs Webcast Invitation:
Ensuring Complete Protection of your Microsoft Word Documents

Managing, controlling and retrieving the increased amount of sensitive information in Microsoft Word documents while keeping the information protected is a challenge. Add power to Microsoft Word with user-driven classification labels for documents to protect against inadvertent disclosure or information leakage.

Join us for our upcoming webcast and learn how to successfully classify information and add intelligence with metadata to improve the handling of sensitive Word documents and to:

  • Control the flow of information based on pre-defined labels to restrict the viewing, printing, copying or distribution of documents.  
  • Give your users a fast, simple, consistent way to classify and label documents based on business value or corporate policy.

Enhance the ability to instantly find and retrieve documents for compliance audits, legal discovery, and information security.

Charlie Pulfer, VP Product Development, Titus Labs

Where and When:
Tuesday January 29th, 2008
11:00am (EST)
Duration: 1 Hour
Registration: Complimentary

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