Posted by: kurtsh | January 21, 2008

NEWS: Using cell phone before bed can prevent a decent night’s sleep

Uh oh.  So much for being ‘on call’ at night.  Now there’s a medical deterrent.

Mobiles linked to disturbed sleep
Using a mobile phone before going to bed could stop you getting a decent night’s sleep, research suggests.

The study, funded by mobile phone companies, suggests radiation from the handset can cause insomnia, headaches and confusion. It may also cut our amount of deep sleep – interfering with the body’s ability to refresh itself.  The study was carried out by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and Wayne State University in the US.

Funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, the scientists studied 35 men and 36 women aged between 18 and 45.

Some were exposed to radiation equivalent to that received when using a mobile phone, others were placed in the same conditions, but given only "sham" exposure.

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