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CES2008 DAY 2: Designer Windows Laptops at the Microsoft booth

One of the odder things we did at the Microsoft boot was highlight some of the more fashionable designs that our OEM partners have been building for Windows laptops.  Check out some of these ‘elite’ and ‘sleek’ portable beauties.

 MicrosoftPC2 MicrosoftPC3

A SonyStyle Vaio design, this is the VAIO LT Series desktop computer for the home, with a framed monitor with a straight-lined keyboard and oval mouse makes for a very modern set up. 

And it’s not that expensive either.  Something one could have in their living room for under $1999 with a Intel Core2Duo processor, 2GB of RAM and Windows Vista Home Premium.

LINK:  SonyStyle VAIO LT


MicrosoftPC4MicrosoftPC5Now this is an Asus Leathertop Laptop computer design that features a dark brown tanned hide leather color and brushed steel siding.  The on display model was definitely masculine in nature in comparison to some of the more "foofy" Hello Kitty designs that I’d seen.  I’d only wished it had been a convertible tablet PC or I would have snatched it right out of it’s casing right in front of Nadine Kano, the Microsoft Director responsible for the display.

Equally famous for being the creators of both the Lamborghini & Ferrari licensed designs, the Asus designer laptops feature some of the biggest names is design


MicrosoftPC1And then there’s the ever glossy ‘Ego’ clamshell, a flashy little number that’s designed to outglitter, outglam, and outshine anyone else sporting a ‘supposedly’ fashionable personal computer in that Starbucks on the corner of your street.

There’s no question that the Ego collection of laptops are the most fashionable computers on the market.  These folks know how to design great looking laptops.

Heck – maybe they should talk to HP, because my Compaq nc8430 is ugly as all hell.

LINK:  Ego Lifestyle


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