Posted by: kurtsh | January 14, 2008

BETA: Windows Server 2008 Security Guide

IT security is everybody’s business. Every day, adversaries are attempting to invade your networks and access your servers to bring them down, infect them with viruses, or steal information about your customers or employees. Attacks come from all directions: from onsite employee visits to Web sites infected with malware, to offsite employee connections through VPNs, branch office network connections to corporate servers, or direct assaults on vulnerable computers or servers in your network.

You know first hand how essential your servers are to keeping your organization up and running. The data they house and the services they provide are your organization’s lifeblood. It’s your job to stand guard over these essential assets, and to prevent them from going down, or falling victim to attacks from outside and inside your organization.

Windows Server® 2008 is engineered from the ground up with security in mind, delivering an array of new and improved security technologies and features that provide a solid foundation for running and building your business. To help you quickly configure, deploy, and manage the security settings in Windows Server 2008 across your organization, Microsoft is developing the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide. This guidance is designed to further enhance the security of the servers in your organization by taking full advantage of the security features and options in Windows Server 2008.

The team is producing a prescriptive security guide you can rely on that is:

  • Proven. Based on field experience.
  • Authoritative. Offers the best advice available.
  • Accurate. Technically validated and tested.
  • Actionable. Provides the specific steps to success.
  • Relevant. Addresses real-world security concerns.
  • Supported. Recommendations are fully supported by Microsoft Product Support.

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