Posted by: kurtsh | December 28, 2007

BETA: Windows Live Translator “one-click” web page translation button

File this under the "SAY WHAT?" category:
While deleting all the random friend requests I get, I stumbled upon some unknown person that wanted to "add-me-as-a-friend" that appeared to be a link spammer from Thailand but the person’s site name had the word "SMS" in it, so naturally, being a geek, I think to myself… hmm.  A Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 admin… maybe?  After all, we do sell SMS2003 translated into Thai.  Welllllll, it turns out to be some girl trying to get people to watch some Thai beauty/talent content and get them to "vote" for her using SMS text messaging.  And it’s all written in Thai making it fairly unreadable for us English speaking types.  And admittedly, yeah, she’s pretty cute.  Albeit 19 years old.  For the curious, here’s the site:  But I digress.

Windows Live Translator:  Japanese –> English
This got me thinking about Microsoft’s Windows Live Toolbar and it’s Language Translation technology.  Admittedly, I haven’t loaded up the Windows Live Toolbar in a long time because basically, I try to run as few plug-ins and services as I possibly can in an effort to maintain my OS and browser performance.

But many Japanese sites have some great information on them about sake, Information technology, gaming, Japanese cuisine, and other things that I’m interested in.  Hence… it’s time to install the toolbar for what is essentially a "one-click" translation function and let ‘er rip.


So, if you install the Live Toolbar, and press the "translate" button on a foreign language page, it will translate the whole thing into English and put both versions side by side.

Pointing to Translations – Link based Site Usage
The web-based translator site is located at  Basic usage for pointing people to specific translations is simple enough.  All you really need to do is stick the URL of whatever site you want and append it to the end of the following URL string:

A sake sommelier I know, Yuji Matsumoto maintains a Japanese language web site at, which can be translated by going to:

Happy translating!


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