Posted by: kurtsh | December 19, 2007

NEWS: Wired picks Zune 80 over iPod Classic!

Taken from Wired:

The big conundrum this holiday season? It’s not how to escape your in-laws. (You’re trapped, fool!) It’s which media player to buy that special someone. The initial knee jerk reaction is to buy the 80GB iPod Classic. Not so fast, there hotshot. There’s also the brand new 80GB Zune 2, which is actually your better bet. The kids are getting a Zune for Christmas, even if they asked Santa for an iPod.

I can honestly say that especially with the new Zune software, I’m lovin’ my Zune.  Both my old Zune 30 and my new Zune 8GB Flash.  iPod begone.  The bigger screen on the original Zune and the Zune 80 is great for all the ripped DVDs I have encoded in 256MB Zune-only WMV format.  (320 full length motion picture movies in a single unit, baby!  Yeah!)

Meanwhile, the 8GB is great for working out being that it’s not just got a nice viewable color screen and it’s flash-based so it’s droppable, but also it’s got an FM tuner for looking at the TV sets in the cardio area of the gym that are tuned to weird frequencies like 88.1FM and 93.3FM.



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