Posted by: kurtsh | November 29, 2007

BETA: Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express now available for download

Microsoft Search Server 2008 is a full-featured enterprise search & indexing platform for corporations looking to provide its people with the ability to search it’s intellectual property, information, documents, and web-published content across all systems, file repositories, mail stores, web sites, and databases.

  • Need to index Lotus Domino databases? 
  • Want to search FAX documents in .TIF format?
  • Have a SQL database with content you’d like to be able to search?
  • Got a large farm of web servers and file servers each with security privileges that you have to respect when delivering search results to users?
  • Want to search an UNLIMITED number of documents with massive scale-out scalability?
  • Need to integrate with Active Directory user privileges and security credentials?

Check out Search Server 2008… it’s easy to set up for the Enterprise and a great value.


COMPARISON:  (When to either consider the ‘Enterprise’ version of "Search Server 2008" or "Sharepoint Server 2007")


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