Posted by: kurtsh | November 28, 2007

COMING: Halo 3 “Heroic” Map Pack for Xbox Live users

On December 11th, we’ll be releasing a 800 Microsoft point download ($10) called the Heroic Map pack for Halo 3 for Xbox 360 that will contain 3 new multiplayer maps:  Standoff, Rat’s Nest, and Foundry.

As everyone knows, the multiplayer on Halo 3 is what makes the game so phenomenally long lived.  People will be playing Halo 3 for the next 5+ years in tournament form and casually.  And with additional maps, players will always see changes in game dynamics and never really get bored of the gameplay.

As usual, the map pack will be charged for initially for the first few months until late spring at which time it’ll be made available as a free download for people that don’t want to spring for the $10.

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Rat’s Nest Map


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