Posted by: kurtsh | November 20, 2007

TOOL: Visual VoiceMail for Windows Mobile & Enterprise Unified Messaging environments

For those of you that have seen those Apple commercials touting the whole “iPhone Visual VoiceMail” scenario:

    There’s no magic behind this technology, folks.  Visual VoiceMail on the iPhone is just a bunch of audio files delivered to the iPhone over the carrier’s cellular data connection into a separate database of “voice mails”.  A simple voicemail client user interface provides the ability to scroll through these voicemail recordings, see information about each, play them back, and delete them just as you would with email.
    This is like the Unified Messaging experience you get through Avaya or Nortel where people receive their voice mails through Outlook.  In fact, any person that has Microsoft Exchange-integrated Unified Messaging and synchronizes attachments between their Windows Mobile phone and their Exchange Inbox AND has a player that is capable of playing the audio codec used by their telephony vendor, could listen to their own voice mails directly from their Windows Mobile’s Pocket Outlook inbox.

People with Unified Messaging systems have been able to do this for a while now.  The problem has been that Windows Mobile has required that people listen to their voicemails from their Pocket Outlook Inbox and hasn’t had a “pretty voicemail user interface” to provide a similar experience to what you see in the Apple commercial unless the Unified Messaging vendor provided it for them on Windows Mobile.   

Play audio files attached on e-mail messages.Until now.  Introducing mVisualVoiceMail for Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Compatible with Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel Unified Messaging environments.  So if you want the same iPhone Visual VoiceMail experience like they see on the commercials and your company supports Unified Messaging… try this tool out.


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