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BETA: Microsoft Locale Builder (Beta 2)

Microsoft Locale Builder enables users to extend and modify the set of locales included in Microsoft Windows Vista with his or her own regional and cultural data. The application was created to support users in regions without built-in Windows locales as well as users seeking to modify locales provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft Locale Builder also allows corporations, governments, universities, and special-interest groups to create and easily share custom locales on Microsoft Windows Vista.


So what’s a locale?  Well first of all, there’s a MSDN article on building them here:

International Features:  Custom Locales
Locales enable Windows to express various international properties. Microsoft ships a set of over 200 locales. However, certain regions must express even more international properties to provide a culturally appropriate experience for users. Windows Vista introduces the concept of custom locales to address this requirement.

MSDN Magazine also did an article on Locale Building:

Locale Hero:  Enable Global Apps With Locale Builder And Windows Vista
…The locale the user selects informs many aspects of his user experience. Locale choice determines whether the user sees a 12- or 24-hour clock; what keyboard he uses by default while typing; whether algebra.txt or zebra.png shows up first when he looks at a list of file names; and what calendar he sees in Microsoft Outlook®. The effects of locale selection are pervasive, and the range of locale data creates some unique opportunities and challenges for developers who want to make their applications globally aware. By using locale data correctly, a developer can tailor applications to create a linguistically and culturally appropriate user experience for a wide range of customers…

There’s a blog out there specifically for the Locale Builder:

Shawn Steele’s Blog on Windows Vista Locale Builder 
Shawn Steele also posted the bits to enable a "Klingon Locale" which is interesting because it not only changes the default font to something that isn’t normally part of the system, but it also changes the date & time format, it has a keyboard modifier to change the keyboard for input via Klingon, and a number of other interesting changes as a locale.

DOWNLOAD:  Klingon Locale



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