Posted by: kurtsh | August 1, 2007

DOWNLOAD: Oddball tools for the Windows hack

I was browsing some tools the other day and stumbled upon these two at  Thought some of you might find them interesting.

  • MAC Address Changer for Windows
    Have you ever been in a hotel that had "pay per hour" Internet access and wanted to use the same “Internet connection” between two people without paying twice?  Well, because of the way hotel routers map MAC addresses to Internet access, you can’t. But you can duplicate the MAC address of one person between two machines and swap the Internet connection back and forth if need be.  For some NICs, changing the MAC address is a pain because it’s not always exposed in the GUI of the driver config.  Here’s a tool that will change it for… well… just about any NIC you’ve got.
    (Works without modification under Windows Vista)
  • Shell Tray Organizer for Windows
    Have you ever found that the layout of the icons in your system tray annoy you?  Now you can rearrange your system tray icons in the way you like them using this free tool.  Keep all your IM clients on one side of the bar, and everything else on the other, for example.
    (Requires "Compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2" to run under Windows Vista – set this under the Properties by right mouse clicking the .EXE and clicking on the Compatibility tab – but otherwise works fine)


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