Posted by: kurtsh | June 22, 2007

NEWS: Gartner Group to IT: Avoid Apple’s iPhone

Well, looks like Gartner has weighed in on the iPhone.

Gartner to IT: Avoid Apple’s iPhone
IPhone’s phone and music player lacks the features business users need, says Gartner.

Fortify on iPhone
Fortify’s blog on Secure Software wrote this interesting missive on the iPhone:

Sorry Apple, Wrong Answer

I love my iPod. I love my Powerbook. Fake Steve Jobs is not too shabby. Along with the rest of the universe, I was preparing to love the iPhone, until today when the real Steve Jobs announced the way third party developers would be allowed to add applications: the Web. That’s right, the iPhone will come complete with Safari, and developers will be able to harness the power of Web 2.0 to create software with all of the same bells and whistles as native iPhone applications.
According to Apple, this allows third party applications to "extend the iPhone’s capabilities without compromising its security or reliability." Uh … that’s scary. It’s already hard to get Web security right, and giving the Web browser access to your contacts, your photos, and your music just ups the penalty for getting it wrong. If the Web is the platform of the future, then cross-site scripting is the next buffer overflow. This is bad news.
I’m going to stop writing iPhone and start writing iP0wn.

Enterprise Security software for Windows Mobile
For those of you wondering about getting a Firewall for Windows Mobile, there’s lots and lots of choices:

Here’s a few Anti-Virus programs for Windows Mobile as well:

Here’s some Data Encryption products for Windows Mobile:

And here’s some VPN solutions for Windows Mobile:

These are some popular articles on Windows Mobile Security:


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