Posted by: kurtsh | May 19, 2007

HOWTO: How to get support for your Windows Live Space

Recently, I had a blog of mine on Windows Live Space go "down".  (Obviously not this one, being that you’re reading it right now)  The only thing that it would show on the home page of the Windows Live Spaces blog was, "Space Not Available" and nothing else.  So I had the lovely experience of trying to figure out how to get a resolution to the issue as an end-user.

Strangely, there are no links on the Windows Live Spaces pages itself for support.  (Something I sent feedback on.  Why wouldn’t they want to make it easy for John Q. Public to get support on a site if something’s gone wrong?)  Anyway, I had to dig around because if you look on any of the pages or any of the pages… there’s no mention of support.  The only thing you see is Feedback. 

And I’m not looking to provide Feedback:  I’m looking for HELP.

I finally found it.  I randomly typed in and lo-and-behold, there’s a place for Windows Live Spaces support on this page – providing email-based support.  (You have to be logged into your Windows Live ID to get support, which leads me to wonder what happens if you need support on logging into your Windows Live ID…)  I was happy that support existed however, my only question then is, why is it so difficult for even me, a seasoned Microsoft employee, to find out how to get tech support for one of our more popular services?

Needless to say, this is not the experience that I would wish our customers would have.  Consider this to be my crusade for the next few weeks until there is a Support link available on every Windows Live Spaces page, leading to here.


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