Posted by: kurtsh | May 16, 2007

INFO: MCI Instant Meeting Web Moderator… now available for .NET Framework 1.1!

UPDATE 9/4/2008:
Well, it looks like Verizon Business Conferencing is taking the .NET code and repurposing it as a web client/ASP.NET solution.  They are decommissioning the .NET 1.1 thick client version in October 2008.  Use that if you want to monitor your conference calls now since they are no longer distributing the .NET version.


If your company uses MCI Conference calling a.k.a Verizon Business Conferencing (and I know one of my customers does), you should know that there is a Meeting Moderator console that you can download and install on your PC.

It works on both Windows XP as well as Windows Vista and it will connect to MCI/Verizon from behind your corporate firewall but what’s really interesting is that it’s now written in .NET Framework 1.1 instead of Java.

Verizon/MCI’s Instant Meeting Web Moderator for concall administrators 

So without learning any dial pad commands and codes, you can manage a conference call from your desktop:

  • Mute everyone – especially if a participant puts the concall "on hold" forcing everyone to listen to "hold music"
  • Disable the recorded name playback so that there’s no interruptions when people join the call
  • Dial out to a particular person if you need them on the call
  • Record a conference – for review later on
  • Identify "which line is talking" at a given moment through the GUI

And of course it’s free to MCI/Verizon Business concall users.



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