Posted by: kurtsh | April 30, 2007

ALPHA: Microsoft Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live

…Are you a developer? 
…Are you lacking in bandwidth & storage?
…Are you interested in streaming up to 4GB of high quality audio & video for free?

Microsoft announced Silverlight Streaming at MIX07 today, a free service in Alpha right now that will allow Microsoft Silverlight developers to deliver multimedia through their applications without worrying about storage or bandwidth scalability or cost.

  • The Silverlight plugin, a 1.1MB piece of downloadable software, will allow the developer to present multimedia content to both Macintosh & Windows users.
  • The Silverlight streaming service will provide up to 4GB of multimedia in 10 minute increments at 300kbps in the alpha, and will provide 1 million minutes of free streaming at 700kbps per site/per month in the release.
  • Additionally, developers can download the Silverlight Streaming SDK to get started on building not just great rich media applications but fully-interactive applications embracing media
  • The Expression Suite of development & media tools are available to use to manage & edit your media content.  Downloads are available of:

More details are available here:


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