Posted by: kurtsh | April 29, 2007

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (30-day eval)

Looks like we finally got around to releasing the 30 day eval version of the Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset.

The Microsoft Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset (DART) is a powerful set of tools that we acquired from our acquisition of Winternals a.k.a. Mark Russonovich & company.  It allows administrators to recover PCs that have become unusable, and easily identify root causes of system issues.

It enables Windows desktop & server admins to:

  • Recover an installation of the Windows OS, instead of "reinstalling" when safe mode won’t work.
  • Undelete files that have been removed.
  • Recover local passwords
  • Manage services, boot time software, drivers, etc.
  • Monitor Active Directory queries to debug authentication issues between a client and a domain controller

Here is a list of actual tools in the DART:

  • Windows Shell 
  • Command Line Regedit 
  • Unzip
  • ERD Commander 
  • ERD Help 
  • LockSmith 
  • Chkdsk 
  • Crash Analyzer 
  • File Explorer 
  • File Search 
  • Notepad 
  • File Restore 
  • System File Scan 
  • System Restore 
  • Disk Commander 
  • Computer Management 
  • Map Network Drive 
  • Hotfix Uninstall 
  • DiskWipe

A complete overview of the Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset is available here (XPS Viewer required)
A demonstration & presentation in a demonstration video is available here.

DART is only available to our volume-licensed customers.  You must be either a corporate customer with an Enterprise Agreement (site license) or a customer who’s purchased the Windows Desktop OS for their workstations under Software Assurance (a multiyear contractual agreement) in order to license DART. 

For these licensees:  DART is available as one part of a 4 component software package called the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack which is licensed at pricing anywhere from $7-$10 per desktop/year.  For more information on the other 3 components of the Desktop Optimization pack, go to:

The download is an .ISO file meaning that you’ll need to burn it to a disc using a tool like our free CDBURN.EXE which is available in our Windows Server 2003 Support Toolkit.



Simply run the .MSI that you download above, and burn the .ISO file using the CDBURN.EXE tool from the Windows Server 2003 Support Toolkit by using the following command:

cdburn.exe d: c:dart.iso


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