Posted by: kurtsh | April 25, 2007

EVENT: Load Testing even for SQL Server 2005, April 27th

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Test, test and test more: Using Idera SQLscaler to understand SQL Server scalability and performance

Load testing – making sure application or a database will perform well under expected usage – is a tricky business. It requires intimate knowledge of everything from how an application or database works and how users are likely to interact with it to how the production environment is set up. In fact, load and stress-testing is an afterthought in many companies — often causing costly performance problems and delays.

Attend this live Web seminar to learn how you can simulate production workloads in a test environment and analyze results of key changes in your SQL Server environment BEFORE going to production.

In this live demonstration Web seminar, you will learn how SQLscaler from Idera can help you:
• Accelerate the deployment of SQL Server 2005
• Assess scalability and plan for SQL Server capacity increases
Save money by consolidating servers
• Make informed hardware decisions
• Prevent expensive performance problems

Register now for this Live Event, Friday April 27, 12:00pm EST.


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