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RELEASE: Loan Origination Reference Application Pack

The Loan Origination Reference Application Pack shows how to build architectures that unify people, process and technology through familiar Office 2007 user interfaces.

It includes an architecture framework for lending with an Office Business Application (OBA) based scenario and BizTalk “MISMO” Accelerator for the loan origination process in banking. OBAs are an emerging class of business applications that connect existing line-of-business (LOB) systems with the people that use them every day through the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office, bridging the gap between how business process systems work, and how people work. The OBA Reference apppack for Loan Origination Systems (OR-LOS) will help our customers simplify document management, increase integrated workflow, improve efficiency and ultimately lower time-to-market offering for faster turn-around and reduced cost.

OR for Loan Origination Systems leverages both the Office Clients and the new server side components exposed through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). This is a unique way of building composite style applications that leverage Office Clients applications that are entry points into back-end business information and systems.

MOSS provides 6 key services:

  • Workflow
  • Search
  • Business Data Catalog
  • Extensible UI
  • Open XML File Formats
  • Website and Security Framework

OR for Loan Origination Systems includes several resources for developers and architects, including:

    • A reference solution and a reference implementation for building Office Business Applications using Office 2007
    • Scenarios for collaboration between the brokers and lenders with a retailer, and then extending back through a manufacturer and a tier-1 supplier
    • Architecture Guidance:
      • Whitepaper on how to build sustainable banking architecture with OBA technologies.
      • Whitepaper that shows how OBA’s can solve regulatory pressures.
    • Downloadable bits, including:
      • Demo websites and SharePoint site templates
      • Supporting documents (.doc, .xls) for reference scenarios
      • .NET Assemblies (workflows, utilities, activity libraries)
      • Web services (.asmx)
      • Reference data
      • XSLT files
      • BDC XML files
      • Scripts
    • White paper on how to architect and build a supply chain OBA
    • Screen-capture demos

The OR for Loan Origination Systems will be available for the general public for download on March 27th at

For more information on OBA:


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