Posted by: kurtsh | February 27, 2007

PREVIEW: Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Attention all Administrative Assistants:

Y’know how you have to print out the boss’s calendar every week?  Here’s a little tool that’ll make that job not just a little easier, but a lot prettier too.  It’s called the Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and it’s quite impressive. 

Design your own calendarBefore we go any farther, it requires Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista.  (Or .NET Framework 3.0)

It provide the ability to create calendars that are evenly formatted and perfect for ringed binders.

It can print calendars that span months for forecasting.  (Usually placed on walls and inkboards)

It can print pretty wall calendars with photos, just like professionally done calendars. 

The bottom line is that the Calendar Printing Assistant makes the experience of creating calendars easier and more fun because it naturally generates better looking calendars.

And it’s free.



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