Posted by: kurtsh | February 26, 2007

RELEASE: Mobile Phone Voice Mail gadget for Windows Vista

Wanna see your mobile phone’s voice mail on your Windows Vista PC?

CallWave Voicemail has a Windows Vista gadget that notifies you about the details of your voicemail.  It also receives a recording of the voice mail itself for you to listen to on your PC directly through the gadget.  Go to for details.

I’ll throw these caveats into the mix:

  • Callwave will redirect your Verizon/Cingular voicemail to their service.  They will essentially receive all of your voicemail and store it, deleting it from your actual carrier’s servers so be careful with this if you receive a lot of customer calls because the audio content is no longer on your personal cell phone account.
  • Based on the Terms of Usage/Privacy Statement, you may start receiving a marketing email from the company and its partners.

Courtesy of Jason Langridge’s site, my boy in the UK:


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