Posted by: kurtsh | February 23, 2007

RELEASE: NAS for your home… that integrates with Active Directory!

LaCie Ethernet Disk 1TBCool!  LaCie produced at 1TB Network-attached Storage device that using Windows XP Embedded!  This means that you could buy one for $700, slap it on to your home or small business LAN and instantly have 1TB available for storage on the network!

Uh… so why is this cool?  There’s a million and one NAS devices out there that have 1TB capacities and are lower priced right?

Well, because it uses Windows Embedded, it respects Active Directory and it can even JOIN A DOMAIN.  It permits share-level permissions as well as directory/file level permissions with specific user/group privileges… just as Windows does.  Besides speaking TCP/IP and SMB networking, it also supports Appletalk, FTP, and HTTP file transfers natively and it’s gota Gigabit Ethernet adapter built into it.  Linux SaMBA appliances don’t have anywhere near the support that this big fella does.

Additionally, the appliance also has 4 USB 2.0 ports on the back of it so you can expand it even further with other drives and use the entire set up as a hub for all your storage.

Check it out:


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