Posted by: kurtsh | February 19, 2007

RELEASE: New Windows Live Writer Video Plugin for MSN Soapbox

Oh joy!  They released a Soapbox Video plug in for Windows Live Writer!  So if you blog, and you use Windows Live Writer as your WYSIWYG blogging tool, and you want to incorporate the highest fidelity video quality directly into your site, it’s now just a push button away if you add this plug in!


Windows Live Writer Video Plugin

Scott has updated his popular Windows Live Writer video plugin to allow you to
easily post videos. The Video Plugin is amazingly simple to use.
Just insert the Soapbox Video permalink, select the "Embed Full Code" option
and publish. If you choose to just post a thumbnail of the player with a link to the video on Soapbox, you can also do that. There is also and option to let the
plugin decide. This means the plugin will put the code in, so that if your blog supports embedding, it will have the embed code, if embedding isn’t supported, then

you will get an image of the player.
Scott has done a complete rewrite of the plugin and is looking for beta testers.
The new plugin has "improved performance, a new interface, new site support,
and biggest of all, the ability to resize your videos on the fly."
Download here.


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