Posted by: kurtsh | January 31, 2007

VIDEO: Windows Vista’s first commercial hits the airwaves!

Wow.  I love our commercial! 

I remember back in 1995, the impact that the Windows 95’s commercial had ("Start Me Up" featuring the Rolling Stones) on not just Microsoft but the computer industry.  I remember IT guys back then who worked on Windows for Workgroups 3.11 humming that song along while they worked on some guys Token Ring connection or fixed their Attachmate 3270 installation.

And now, I think we’ve got ourselves a spiritual successor to the Win95 ad.  It’s a really good commercial!  At least I like it… I hope you do too.

Here’s the Austrian version of our Windows Vista ad:
(It’s the full 1 minute version – German)
Video: Windows Vista WoW Video

…and here’s the Australian version:
(This is the shortened 30 second version – English)
Video: Wow! Windows Vista


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