Posted by: kurtsh | December 22, 2006

VIDEO: Second Halo 3 Video releases… “Et tu Brute”?

A new video documentary about Halo 3 was released.  It captures a moment with the "Brutes", a large enemy of a rather chaotic nature as opposed to the lawful Covenant Elites, a more disciplined warrior class.  It runs 7 minutes long which is a helluva long time for a video of this nature.

It’s downloadable from the Bungie site in a number of flavors getting as rich as 640×480 in Windows Media format, or if you have an Xbox 360, you can download it for free on Xbox Live Marketplace is glorious High Definition 720p.  Obviously the best experience is gonna be on your big screen in 1080i so unless you really have to see it now, wait until you can get home and download it to the ol’ Xbox Hard drive.



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