Posted by: kurtsh | December 19, 2006

INFO: Windows Vista Readyboost with SDFlash Memory – Speed Requirements

Today, I got some data on the ReadyBoost usability of SD Flash that a bunch of us collected.  Basically for a USB Memory Device or another Flash Memory device like an SDFlash card to be ReadyBoost capable, it must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Must have 2.5 MB/s random read performance for 4 KB reads across the entire device (i.e. some devices have fast parts and slow parts, we don’t support those).
  • Must have 1.75 MB/s random write performance for 512 KB writes across the entire device.

A big part of this is also the method by which the device is used.  For example, internal SDFlash drives on laptops are sometimes slower than if the SDFlash card was put into a USB adapter and used as a USB-based ReadyBoost drive.

Here is a list of devices, capacities, form factors, and notes on whether or not it worked as a ReadyBoost device. Again, this is just a list that was collected together & tested independently by a bunch of folks looking to gather this data.

  1. pqi Hi Speed 150x 4GB SD
    Works in Toshiba M4 internal SD slot 4.90 MB/s on 4k read, 7.17 MB/s on 500k writes.
  2. Kingston MiniSD 512MB MiniSD
    Works in Toshiba M4 with MiniSD adapter in internal SD slot. 5.52MB/s on 4k reads
  3. Transcend 80x miniSD 2GB miniSD
    Worked while using MiniSD with SD adapter on Tecra M4 internal slot
  4. Kingston Elite Pro 50x 1GB SD
    Worked as SD Card using HP 8240 notebook.
  5. OCZ SD 150x 2GB SD
    3901 KB/sec Read, 3892 KB/sec Write formatted as FAT- works in Toshiba M4 Build 5600. Retested several times under FAT32 with mean scores of 6418 KB/sec Read, 3767 KB/sec Write. Using ReadyBoost testing results per event log.
  6. Kingston SD Ultimate 2GB SD
    Reported to work in Toshiba M5
  7. Corsair SD Flash Media Card 133X 2GB SD
    Worked as SD Card. Using with Dell Inspiron 9300.
  8. Transcend SD 80X 1GB SD
    Worked as SD Card. Using with Toshiba M400
  9. Transcend SD 150X 4GB SD
    Worked in Dell laptop.
  10. Transcend SD 150X 4Gb SD
    Works fine with Toshiba M4 internal SD slot. Tested on Vista 5753. Results: 4.35 MB/s for 4K Reads test and 5.72 MB/s for 500K Writes test.
  11. AData MyFlash 150X 4GB SD
    Works in Toshiba M5 internal SD slot
  12. AData MyFlash 150X 4GB SD
    Works in Toshiba M400 internal SD slot
  13. AData MyFlash 150X 2GB SD
    Works in Tosh M400 internal SD slot
  14. Kodak High Performance 1 GB SD
    Works well in Thinkpad x41 internal slot, reads at 2.3MB/s, writes at 4.3.
  15. SanDisk ordinary 2 GB SD
    Works in Thinkpad x41 internal slot despite perf numbers below the supposed minimum. Cheap chip, but not fast.
  16. SanDisk Ultra II 1 GB SD
    Did not work in Thinkpad x41 internal slot. Does work at home in a USB dongle…
  17. SanDisk Ultra II 1GB SD
    3.93MB/sec throughput for random 4KB reads and 3.34MB/sec for random 512KB writes. (used in internal Sony TX670P SD reader)
  18. Panasonic SD High Speed 1GB SD
    Does not worked as SD Card using Dell Inspiron 6000. 3.20 MB/s on 4k read, 2.92 MB/s on 500k writes (no longer fast enough as of RC1)
  19. pqi Hi-Speed 60x 1GB SD
    Works with Toshiba M4 internal SD slot, result – 2.24 MB/s on 4K reads, 8.17 MB/s on 500K writes.


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