Posted by: kurtsh | December 1, 2006

NEWS: No Virginia, Windows Vista Enterprise Edition was NOT corrupted.

Well, the Inquirer, bastion of professional journalism it is <smirk>, managed to create a flurry of panic with their latest supposed "scoop" on the publication of Windows Vista Enterprise on Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Services website (MVLS).

Microsoft screws up on Vista. Again
No! Surely some mistake!
By Rob Squires: Tuesday 28 November 2006, 23:57

SOFTWARE AND hardware and networking and console firm Microsoft seems to have issued the wrong release of Windows Vista Business & Enterprise Editions to its Volume Licence Customers.
From the original release earlier this month, there were problems that arose with the install DVD as well as the installed versions of Vista.
A note on the web site said: "Reinstall Required: If you downloaded Windows Vista Business 32 Bit in English before November 22, 2006, please download and reinstall the updated version. We apologize for any inconvenience.."

The net-net is that Windows Vista Enterprise Edition is JUST FINE on the MVLS web site, which is the version my customers are concerned about.  The Windows Vista Enterprise downloadable software from the website was not retracted.  If you do a search for it through the MVLS website (assuming you have access to it) you’ll find it show up.

Here’s the official response from HQ:

Recently it has been reported that Microsoft Corp. issued an incorrect version of Windows Vista Business & Enterprise editions to its customers with Volume Licensing agreements on the secure Microsoft Volume Licensing Services website.  The problem was limited to the Windows Vista Business in English image posted to the new download website for Open & Open Value customers prior to November 22, 2006. Only a very small number of those customers were impacted by downloading this image and the problem was resolved as soon as it was discovered.  The vast majority of customers utilizing Microsoft’s download capability are Enterprise Agreement and Select customers; neither of those groups were affected by the error.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Select and Enterprise customers can continue to download Windows Vista Business in English images from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services website with no issues.  The Windows Vista Enterprise and other Windows Vista images available through volume licensing were NOT impacted; and are the highest quality and most tested commercial software products ever, due to unprecedented partnership and feedback between Microsoft and its customers.


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