Posted by: kurtsh | November 23, 2006

INFO: Gizmodo is wrong – Video WILL stream from XBox Video Marketplace

From the "Did you guys even test it? file:
XBox Video Marketplace downloads WILL stream and allow you to play the video back once enough has been "buffered" or "cached" up.

Gizmodo incorrectly states that when you’ve purchased a TV episode or a Movie from the Video Marketplace that you "have to download the show in its entirety" and that’s not true at all. If they’d really tested the service they’d know this.

When you’ve selected a show, purchased it, and start a download, the content will start to get buffered onto your Xbox. Depending upon your Internet connection speed, your actual download rate from the datacenter where the video resides, how long the show actually is, and its quality (SD vs HD), you will get a notification pop up on the screen that reads "TITLEGOESHERE is Ready To Play" at the bottom of the screen whenever enough of the movie or episode has been "buffered".

Again, it does NOT have to be completely downloaded to start watching it. Everything is encoded in Windows Media… so of course it streams!

EXAMPLE: For a 10 minute standard definition clip of adultSWIM’s "Robot Chicken" to be downloaded over a 3MBit DSL connection in Los Angeles (120MB), your Xbox wll display a "Robot Chicken is Ready to Play!" notification in the middle of your game of Gears of War or whatever you happen to be doing once the download is about 12%-15% complete… or about 15-20 seconds after initiating the purchase.

The faster your download the sooner you’ll be able to start playing your video purchase or rental!


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