Posted by: kurtsh | November 22, 2006

INFO: Free Windows Vista Ultimate Licenses for Beta Testing Bug-submitters

Any Windows Vista Technical Beta tester that submitted AT LEAST ONE BUG will be receiving a mail providing them with a free license for Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.  This is the "premier" and "most complete" version of the Windows Vista operating system available, exceeding the capabilities of Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, and Enterprise Editions… and a $399 retail value.

This is basically a big thank you for taking the time to:

  1. Sign up for the Windows Vista beta program, download the software, and install it on a machine.
  2. Learn the procedure to submit a bug, and access the forums to ask about it.
  3. Actually formally submit a bug – no matter how small.

The key here is that you had to actually exercise the bug submission tools, enter information about the conditions of the bug, and what the expected operation should have been… and not just forward on crashes or error incidents through Windows Error Reporting which is nothing more than a button click I might add.  This should be some sweet justice for individuals that truly are "beta testing" and are actually participating in what the beta program exists for, and providing valuable feedback on the software.

So congratulations to all the people that actually did some work during the beta test.  You all deserve it every copy.


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