Posted by: kurtsh | November 16, 2006

WEB: New Sysinternals TechCenter Now on TechNet

Check out the new Windows Sysinternals TechCenter on Microsoft TechNet as well as a new utility called Process Monitor released by Mark and Bryce. The Sysinternals TechCenter provides you with advanced utilities and technical information for IT pros and developers for detailed troubleshooting and analysis of Windows software. You won’t find these Windows internals tools anywhere else.

There are a set of DVDs that you can purchase for $399 that go over valuable advanced IT diagnostics skills that leverage the SysInternal tools.

They include:

  • Tour of the Sysinternals Tools (See the whole thing here:
  • Troubleshooting with Process Explorer
  • Troubleshooting with Filemon & Regmon
  • Troubleshooting Memory Problems
  • Windows Crash Dump & Hang Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Boot & Startup Problems

There are a bunch of online tutorial & video samples formatted in Windows Media format for you to peruse at so that you can see what is available.

For example, here is one of the features:

Troubleshooting Boot & Startup Problems
After an inside look at the boot process, this video explains how to employ the key recovery mechanisms including Last Known Good, Recovery Console, Safe Mode, and System Restore, to repair system file and registry corruptions as well as analyze crashes and solve errors during logon.

Click here to view a sample.

This 129 minute (2 hour 9 minutes) video is divided into the following modules:

1. Introduction
2. The Boot Process
3. The Recovery Console
4. Last Known Good
5. Safe Mode
6. System Restore
7. MBR/Boot Sector Corruption
8. Boot.ini Corruption
9. Registry Corruption
10. System File Corruption
11. Crashes or Hangs
12. Problems During Logon


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