Posted by: kurtsh | November 12, 2006

EVENT: Windows Vista/Office System 2007 Launch – January 26th, 2007

We’re launching Windows Vista & Office System 2007 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, January 26th, 2007.  It should be a fun & educational gig.

Why should you come?
We’ll of course be going over all the key areas of technological improvement available in the new products such as Security, Deployment, Operational Efficiency, Mobility, Unified Communications, and other areas.

The event will be keynoted by one of Microsoft eldest & most senior executives reporting to Steve Ballmer – the man responsible for the creation of Microsoft Office, Jeff Raikes.  Jeff is the President of our Business Division which consists of the Office System as wel as our Business Applications like Microsoft CRM 3.0, Microsoft Axtapa, & the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics line.  He also happens to be the sponsor of my "entering class" of 30 employees coming into our company back in 1995.  When people join Microsoft, they go through a training course that introduces them to the company and an executive visits & "sponsors" the entering group of employees.  (If you want to see a video of him, here’s a speech he did for our July 2006 Shareholder’s meeting)

We’ll also be passing out "goodie" bags with interesting things in there like a copy of Windows & .NET Magazine, evaluation products, t-shirts, etc.

And of course you’ll have the opportunity visit with all our Windows Vista & Office System partners who will have booths at the event, allowing you to see how, say, Symantec’s software will work with Windows Vista.

To attend, you MUST register below.