Posted by: kurtsh | November 1, 2006

WEB: Business Orchestration & Workflow? Biztalk Server?

Are you interested in Business Orchestration?  Workflow?  Rule Engines?  Or maybe you’re already using Microsoft Biztalk Server?

For the uninitiated, Microsoft Biztalk Server is a middle-tier server that runs on Windows Server.  What it does among other things (I’m going to forget a ton of things that it does but this is a basic explanation) is:

It takes data from virtually any service through it’s "adapters" and enables it to be processed and sent out in another format.  It’s like a universal translator for applications & services… SAP to Peoplesoft.  Oracle Financials to proprietary front ends.  XML-based services to other legacy systems.
It takes information and processes it using user-defined rules written in script or in .NET.  This is incredibly powerful because it enables decision making to be processed extremely quickly depending on changing conditions.  For example, a stock price may change during the day and depending on the price, you may decide to process incoming data differently.  You may need to change the rules in the middle of the day and Biztalk can do this.
At it’s heart, Biztalk is a hub for XML data I/O.  Companies looking at Services-Oriented Architectures should consider Microsoft Biztalk Server for no other reason that it’s a high performing, exceptionally scalable XML transformation engine.  And it’s perfect for anyone looking to leverage existing knowledge around Windows development or anyone that already has Microsoft-based infrastructures with SQL Server, etc.

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Our specialist, Richard Seroter, is a Biztalk genius and has trained many of the key Biztalk experts in Southern California.  He maintains a Biztalk Blog at:

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