Posted by: kurtsh | October 25, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Foldershare… Why aren’t you using it?

Keep folders synchronized between my computers Seriously people.  This frustrates me.  I’ve met dozens of you who have never used Foldershare!  Especially you "desktop professionals"!  This is one of Microsoft’s coolest (not to mention FREE) technologies and half the people I know have never heard of it, much less used it.

  • Imagine having the same INTERNET EXPLORER FAVORITES & LINKS on every desktop you use.
  • Imagine having the same OUTLOOK .PST file on every desktop you own.
  • Imagine having the same MY DOCUMENTS folder synced between every machine you use.
  • Imagine having the same MUSIC & PLAYLISTS available on every Windows Media Player install.
  • Imagine even having the same DESKTOP on every workstation you use.

That’s what Foldershare does! 

In its simplest form, Foldershare’s client software keeps a single folder ("My Foldershare" in My Documents) synchronized between all the different machines you use that have the Foldershare client installed on.  If you’d like it to replicate more than just a "My Foldershare" directory, you can easily have it configured to replicate My Desktop, My Music, My Favorites, My… WHATEVER OTHER FOLDERS YOU’D LIKE TO REPLICATE… to every system in your "peer network".

It works on Windows Vista & Windows XP.  It works on workstations & servers.  It works over SSL via port 443.  It’s secure.  It works behind firewalls.  It has a capacity of up to 2GB.  It works as a service in the background and it’s easy to access your files over-the-web even if the machine you’re using isn’t configured with the FolderShare client!  It’s soooooo cool.

C’mon folks!  Go get it!  Yes!  Here!  Now!  Do it, my Internet minions!  I command thee!



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