Posted by: kurtsh | October 23, 2006

NEWS: IIS 6.0 overtakes Apache in the Fortune 1000

It’s well known that sinec 1995, Apache has been the undisputed leader of web server software used on the Internet.  With marketshare as high as 70%, Apache has been steadily climbing for the past decade in use, taking with it, share from Sun, NCSA, and other web server solutions.

Over the last year (2006) however, Apache has seen a moderate dip in marketshare.  Since January, Apache has seen its marketshare drop by ~10% while unsurprisingly, Windows Server’s IIS has seen growth by roughly 10% with this trend continuing into what appears to be the 2007 year.

Is credibility & support part of it? 

Port80 Software seems to think so.  Enterprise supportability appears to be a prime reason why the Fortune 1000 continues to lean toward IIS 6.0 instead of Apache for Enterprise web solutions on the Internet. 

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