Posted by: kurtsh | September 24, 2006

BETA: EDW Build of Windows Vista available for download

UPDATE:  (9/25/2006 11:11AM)
Ziff Davis posted a list of things that folks have noticed have changed through either TAP communications or just plain observation.

We released Windows Vista Build 5728.16387 the other day. 

Please note that this is what we call a "Test" build.  Without going into the nitty gritty of what a test build  is relative to all the other types of builds we have, know that a "Test" build can often break other features that used to work in previous regression tested builds like those released as "official release candidates".  Test builds exist to test the inclusion of certain key fixes or patches made to the product.

Additionally, upgrades from one build to this build are not supported.  Nor will upgrades from this test build.  Doesn’t sound too good, ‘eh?

So for those of you running Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 Build 5600, you may not need or want to upgrade to this build.  RC1 is pretty stable as it is and this new release (called the EDW build) was created just to fix certain key issues. 

I frankly don’t know all of what was fixed because no list was created, nor will one be.  The release was specifically designed to include fixes specifically for the specific customers that are engaged in formalized "adoption programs" with us.

I believe two of the things that are supposed to be fixed are:

  1. Compatibility with Virtual PC
  2. Inconsistencies in the behavior of User Access Control.

LINK:  Download Windows Vista Build 5728


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