Posted by: kurtsh | August 24, 2006

BETA: Windows Live Connection Center Wi-Fi Suite Beta

It seems this has slipped out.  Okay.  Here it is.  It’s a tool we’re releasing to make it easy to hook up with near by WiFi HotSpots.

Announcing the Windows Live Connection Center Wi-Fi Beta
Do you want to be on the cutting edge of mobile computing? Do you want to be able to stay connected away from home? Do you frequently connect to Wi-Fi networks? Then you will want to try our Wi-Fi Suite beta! Consider what the Windows Live Connection Center Wi-Fi Beta can do for you:

WiFi Client

  • Discovery – faster and automatic identification of available Wireless networks around you

  • Intelligent Connection – choose how you want to connect to what networks and when

  • Help and Support

  • Security via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • A fast and easy way to find HotSpots without having to go to a webpage!

  • HotSpot Locator

    • Easy to use website – Search by city, state, or zip code for a convenient wireless network

    • Integration with Windows Live Local – physically see the location of the wireless networks and even get driving or walking directions

    Joining the Beta Program:
    The Windows Live Connection Center Wi-Fi Suite beta will begin August 22, 2006 and continue through early 2007. If you wish to participate, e-mail your Microsoft Passport Network account, (ex. to in order to receive an invitation. These invitations will be e-mailed beginning Tuesday, August 22, 2006.


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