Posted by: kurtsh | July 20, 2006

NEWS: Microsoft establishes significant alliance with Nortel

Nortel and Microsoft Form Alliance to Accelerate Transformation of Business Communications
Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer and Nortel CEO, Mike Zafirovski signed a strategic partnership agreement to form the Innovative Communications Alliance.  Unified Communications Group (UCG) is at the heart of this agreement, however the investments and expected benefits will Microsoft overall.
Today with this partnership announcement, Nortel is agreeing to move their solutions on top of our UC platform.  We are committing to doing appropriately scoped R&D together so we can quickly take more complete UC solutions to our customers (e.g. advanced telephony features, call center capabilities, IVR). We have signed a broad patent cross license to facilitate the R&D interaction.  They have also agreed to develop a strong System Integrator practice to take our joint UC solution to customers.   We have also agreed to jointly go-to-market with our solutions leveraging our combined sales and marketing engines.  The overall benefit is accelerating the realization of our UC vision for our customers through:
·         Increased ability to deliver more complete UC solutions to customers, today
·         SI partner with deep voice and networking expertise to take joint solutions to market
UC group leadership and our top level company executive leadership, including Steve Ballmer and Jeff Raikes, are very bullish about this partnership.  Steve Ballmer has been a key sponsor of this partnership from the beginning and he has devoted significant personal time helping us close this alliance agreement.  Given our companies’ shared vision and commitment to move to software-based person-centric UC, joint strengths of our two companies in the communications space, I believe the partnership should significantly accelerate Microsoft’s momentum.
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