Posted by: kurtsh | July 17, 2006

BETA: Windows Defender Beta 2 Build 1.1.1347.0

Interesting.  It looks like a new version of Windows Defender came out sometime in April apparently… and I never knew about it.  Windows Defender was labeled as "Beta 2" since it was the successor to our Microsoft Antispyware Beta 1 product.  You might remember that product as being the former "Giant AntiSpyware" product that was known by it’s trademark "bullseye" logo.  (Having a bullseye for logo when you’re a security product isn’t the brightest thing in the world but I digress) 
Anyway, the first "Windows Defender Beta 2" was version 1.1.1051.0.   The new one appears to be Windows Defender 1.1.1347.0.  It installs over your existing installation but it requires that you shutdown both Internet Explorer as well as Outlook.
Download the current beta release here:


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