Posted by: kurtsh | July 12, 2006

NEWS: Virtual PC 2007 will also be free

Oops.  Also forgot to mention: 
Virtual PC 2007 will also be free of charge to licensed Windows XP/Vista users. 
It’ll be available in Q1 CY2007.   VPC 2007 will work well with Windows Vista on both Win32 & Win64 versions.  In other words:
– It will include 32-bit Vista host support, allowing people to run other 32-bit OSs on top of it.
– It will include 64-bit Vista host support, (you’ll be able to install it on a x64 Windows Vista installation) and have 32-bit Vista guest support 
– It will have increased performance from the host OS’s 64-bit instruction execution and 64-bit memory addressing, regardless of the guest operating system.
I have not seen anything about supporting 64-bit guest support however it’s doubtful that this would exist before Longhorn’s Hypervisor was released and supported this functionality.


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