Posted by: kurtsh | July 12, 2006

INFO: WinXP Service Pack 1 = NO SUPPORT

Windows XP Service Pack 1 will NOT have Security Patches made for it as of October 10th, 2006.  Did you get that?  If you are running WinXP SP1, you will NOT get any security patches, any fixes, anything at all… once October 10th comes and goes.
Folks, it doesn’t matter if you call Microsoft Product Support and pay for a security incident call.
It doesn’t matter if you have a Premier Support agreement with ‘extended lifecycle support’.
It doesn’t matter if you really, really, really need security patches just for one more month and you say "pretty please with sugar on top".
There will be no security patches made available to you via download off of any of the following:
As you may have read on, we have something called "Custom Support Agreements available for purchase by Enterprise customers with Premier Support and a lot of dispoable cash laying around in huge piles that would rather pay an extra $100,000+ above and beyond their normal support contract to get security patch support for one extra year rather than upgrade their desktops to Service Pack 2.  (Yes, I’ve heard it’s that expensive)
To those of you reading this, you do not fall into this category, I assure you.  In fact, in the history of Microsoft, I have never actually met a customer that has paid for this.  The funds spent on the extra ‘custom support agreement’ over an organization’s Premier Support agreement could otherwise be spent testing and upgrading to Service Pack 2 instead.
What’s more, it’s not like Windows XP is going to disappear over night.  Windows XP will be the N-1 older-supported OS from Microsoft for quite a while after Windows Vista’s release and there will be untold numbers of products that will run on Windows XP and will require SP2 at the very least.  Every organization supports two revisions of operating systems… and when Windows Vista releases, Windows 2000 will go "out of support" within a year or so and you will still be supporting Windows XP in some form for a very long time.
Choosing to not upgrade to SP2 in the hopes of "skipping" SP2 for Windows Vista is an unwise IT choice.


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