Posted by: kurtsh | July 7, 2006

COMMENTARY: Stop it, stop it stop it! I don’t know about the XPlayer, already.

I don’t know specifics about the XPlayer (or whatever the heck this device is purportedly called)  I’ve heard things but nothing concrete.  Most of the noise comes from the web, friends, customers, etc.

Y’all knew it was probably coming anyway.  Dean Takahashi blabbed about hearing about an "Xboy" resurrection from some inside source he supposedly knows.  Knowing that lose lips sink careers in this company, I’m surprised that anyone would stick their neck out like that but I guess ever since Mini-MSFT got his jollies off publicly cutting into the flesh of the company, becoming Mr. Popular, and watching virulent naysayers dive into his criticisms like germs to an increasingly infected wound, some folks have been a little bolder about showing disregard for corporate policy.


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