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VIDEOS: “What is Softricity SoftGRID?”

Here are 3 videos/presentations that should help folks understand what it is the Softricity SoftGRID is such a major acquisition for Microsoft.  Personally, I think this is one of the smartest acquisitions we’ve made in YEARS… yep.  That’s how important and relevant SoftGRID & Application Virtualization is:


Microsoft Management Summit 2006 Demonstration
See Softricity demonstrated and explained on the floor at MMS2006.

SoftGrid for Microsoft SMS

With SoftGrid for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), IT administrators get all the benefits of the SoftGrid Platform – including application virtualization, on-demand streaming and self-provisioning – from within the SMS infrastructure.

The combination of SMS and SoftGrid allows customers the flexibility to choose the best way to deploy and run applications while maintaining OS level patches, updates, inventory, asset tracking and much more from a single, integrated management point.

Exclusive Presentation on the Impacts of Application Virtualization and Streaming
Brian Gammage, Gartner Research Vice President
Recorded 2/22/2006

Virtualization is widely regarded as the most important technology to hit the enterprise in decades. The potential benefits for the desktop are tremendous, with improvements in the manageability, security and flexibility of personal computing. By reducing complexity, virtualization promises to streamline support, accelerate deployments and reduce the cost of personal computing. But virtualization is occurring at more than one level; decoupling hardware, operating systems and applications. So, what are these different levels of virtualization technology and how are they being used by companies today? How mature is the technology? How does application virtualization differ from machine virtualization and what role does streaming technology play?

Join featured Gartner Research Vice President, Brian Gammage, a recognized expert in desktop virtualization, to learn what application virtualization and streaming really are, and how they can impact your approach to managing user access to enterprise applications.

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