Posted by: kurtsh | June 21, 2006

NEWS: Commoditizing Supercomputing – Excel 2007, Excel Services, & Windows Compute Cluster

Imagine Excel spreadsheet analysis taking advantage of a cluster of distributed Windows computers to compute large exhaustive jobs.
Commodity supercomputing for desktop users.  That’s exactly what was demonstrated at Securities Industry Association (the largest single IT event for financial securities industry) the other day.  And it’s being done using hardware & software that Enterprise’s already have today.
  • Excel 2007 provides a front-end for working with traditional spreadsheets.
  • Excel Services is a component of Sharepoint Server 2007 & provides the organizational engine and middle tier to interact with the compute cluster and provide negotiation for the initial dataset, while also centralizing and maintaining security compliance for the data held in the spreadsheets, mitigating the traditional risks of "spreadsheet creep.
  • Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition is a version of our server operating system provides the technology necessary to combine the computational horsepower of massive numbers of CPUs by the distribution and management of discrete compute jobs.


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