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VIDEOS: WinHEC Presentations & Demos

There are a ton of newly posted presentations from WinHEC on MICROSOFT.COM.
BitLockerTM Drive Encryption Hardware Enhanced Data Protection — Shon Eizenhoefer
This session introduces the BitLocker feature, along with usage and recovery scenarios. It also provides a detailed look at how BitLocker works and includes the details that you need to build PC client systems that can support BitLocker and take advantage of the associated native operating system support for TPM 1.2.
·          Introduction. Encryption and TPM Features
·          Trusted Platform Module Architecture and definition.
·          Encryption Architecture Static Root of Trust
·          Disk Layout And Key Storage.
·          BitLockerTM Interface.Recovery Scenarios and Methods
·          BitLockerTM Interface.Recovery Scenarios and Methods
·          Building BitLockerTM Systems
·          Enterprise Customer Needs
Windows Vista Performance Technologies — Gabriel Aul
New performance-related technologies will be introduced in Windows Vista. They include Superfetch, external memory devices, and hybrid hard drives. In this session you will hear directly from the development team about the hardware and driver implications of these technologies: memory management implications, changes to the way in which startup applications are loaded, and the impact of having hybrid hard drives in the system.
·          System Responsiveness
·          Superfetch
·          ReadyBoost
·          ReadyDrive Hybrid Hard Disk
·          Performance Tuning and Diagnostics 
Windows Vista System Requirements — Richard G. Russell
This session covers the Windows Vista minimum supported and minimum recommended system requirements, the requirements to run the Windows Vista Aero user interface, and the basics of the Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT), which measures the performance of the processor, memory, graphics, and disk. One use of WinSAT in Windows Vista is to determine if a system can run the Aero user experience. In this session, you will hear directly from the development team how WinSAT works and how you can use it in your own development process.
·          System Requirements: Memory and Features
·          Aero Requirments
·          Tools for Consumers
·          The Windows System Assessment Tool. Overview and Scenarios
·          WinSAT API. Data Store. Graphics Assessment, Memory and Storage.
·          Processor and Video Decode Assessment.
·          The Windows Vista System Performance Rating. 
·          Future Technologies
Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn Security Platform Enhancements — Avi Ben-Menahem, Chris Corio
This session introduces several of the new security architecture components and technologies in Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn. Covered topics include enhancements to Credential Providers for logon and authentication, key service providers for the next-generation cryptographic architecture, and smartcard modules for token devices. There will also be in-depth information about new technologies such as User Account Control, which will change the default execution environment for applications, and the new Code Integrity security technology. We will discuss Code Integrity’s impact on drivers and highlight of the importance of signing 64-bit drivers as well as the new requirement for PIC signatures on all 64 bit kernel mode code. Lastly, we will provide an overview of BitLocker™ Drive Encryption.
·          Microsoft Operations Framework et System Center
·          System Center Reporting Manager 2006
·          SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring
·          Systems Management Server 2003 SP2
·          Systems Management Server v4
·          Microsoft Operations Manager v3
·          Microsoft System Center Essentials
·          Processus et Donnée. Biztalk Server. SQL Server
Power Management  In Windows Vista — Pat Stemen
Windows Vista will contain significant changes to the Windows power management architecture. This session provides an overview of these changes and explains how system manufacturers can build on them. It also covers new power management usage models such as hybrid sleep and away mode, including details on how system manufacturers can integrate device and software power management with the Windows power manager. Finally, this session discusses standby resume performance in Windows Vista, demonstrates how system manufacturers can measure and tune system resume performance, and outlines best practices for ensuring optimal system resume performance.
·          Microsoft Operations Framework et System Center
·          System Center Reporting Manager 2006
·          SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring
·          Systems Management Server 2003 SP2
·          Systems Management Server v4
·          Microsoft Operations Manager v3
·          Microsoft System Center Essentials
·          Processus et Donnée. Biztalk Server. SQL Server
HD DVD and Windows Vista: Futures and Opportunities — Jordi Ribas
This session describes Microsoft’s vision for HD DVD, including the features and business and consumer benefits of the format. It also provides a technical overview of HD DVD support in Windows Vista, scenarios for Windows Vista PCs, and associated hardware requirements.
·          Why HD DVD? The Opportunity
·          Benefits and differentiators
·          HD DVD Architecture
·          HD DVD and Windows Vista
·          HD DVD Experience Initiative for Windows Vista
Windows Server Compute Cluster Server and Desk-side Clusters  — Anand Krishnan
Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 brings together the power of commodity x64 computers with the ease of use and security of the Windows operating system to provide a secure and affordable high-performance computing (HPC) solution. This session outlines Microsoft’s vision for the growing "personal supercomputing" market and the opportunities it provides for hardware partners.
·          What Is HPC? Some Applications
·          Entry Price-points, Comercial Adoption and Market Growth.
·          Challenges in HPC today. Microsoft’s Vision and Initiatives.
·          Compute Cluster Server 2003: Value Proposition and Target Verticals
·          Partners and HPC Institutes. Bringing HPC Into The Mainstream
·          Deskside Supercomputing, What Should it Look Like?
Keynote: Advancing the Platform – Bill Gates
Bill Gates focuses on how key technology investments are paving the way for a shift to a new platform and innovative market opportunities. Gates also discusses the impact of the introduction of Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn".
·          Industry Megatrends
·          Windows Virtualization
·          The PC Ecosystem. Investing for the Future
·          Announcing Beta 2
·          Customer: Alan Nunns. Chevron
·          Windows Vista Demo
·          The "Live" Era. Live Demo
Keynote: Windows Vista — Will Poole
Will Poole will present key new scenarios in Windows Vista and the business opportunities for the hardware industry. Poole will discuss major trends and inflection points in business, mobility, and consumer market spaces and will describe how hardware products can benefit. Hear how Microsoft’s exciting new operating system will usher in opportunities to deliver integrated experiences and drive demand for premium hardware.
·          Windows vista: Premium Hardware delivering Business Value
·          Windows vista key features
·          Demo: XPS Document Workflow
·          Mobility Demo: Tablet Touch UI. Slide Show. Ready Drive
·          Computing for Consumers Challenges and Opportunities
·          Key Consumer features: Digital Cable Reciever. HD DVD Games.
·          The Windows Ecosystem
·          Logo Programs for Devices. New Hardware Opportunities
·          The Microsoft FlexGo Ecosystem
Keynote: Infrastructure for the People Ready Business — Bob Muglia
Bob Muglia will outline Microsoft’s promises to IT and how they enable IT Pros and development teams across the IT lifecycle. Muglia will also discuss platform advancements in the areas of Right Server for the Right Job, Universal Distributed Storage and Self Managing Dynamic Systems.
·          Winning With Windows Server
·          Opportunities: Small Business. High Performanc Compunting.
·          Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Scalable Networking Pack
·          Windows Server Codename Longhorn
·          Server Manager Demo. Windows Power Shell
·          Storage investments
·          Opportunities and investments
·          System center Virtual Machine Manager
·          Intent to acquire Softricity
·          Windows server Longhorn Timeline


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