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RUMOR: Various discussions around Playstation 3

I’m tracking this story ’cause it’s like a big geek soap opera.  I haven’t seen so much "he said, she said" since the last time my wife turned on "Desperate Housewives".  I’m kinda waiting for Ars Technica to chime in on this since they’re usually the gurus of hardware analysis.
PS3 hardware slow and broken
"…Someone screwed up so badly it looks like it will relegate the console to second place behind the 360. All the devs I talked to were lukewarm on the 360 architecture but universally negative on the PS3. Revelations like this go a long way to explain why you keep hearing about simmering problems from the Sony devs. 
You end up with a console with half the triangle setup rate of the 360, a crippled CPU that is a bitch to program, and tools that are atrocious compared to the 360. To make matters worse, you have an arrogant set of execs telling us that twice the price is worth it for half the power, a year late…"

Top developers slam PS3 "broken" allegations

"…the site based its assertions on a claim that the NVIDIA-designed RSX graphics unit has a slower triangle setup rate than the ATI-designed part in the Xbox 360, and on a slide from Sony’s Devstation event a few months back showing the memory access speeds within the console.
However, speaking to this week, several developers who are familiar with the PS3 hardware have rubbished the claims made by The Inquirer – describing both sets of figures as "entirely meaningless."
More PS3 Downgrades on the Way
"…He’s back. The connected PS3-party wet blanket who brought us covert info on the PlayStation 3 has dug up some dirt from a phantom insider who claims the PS3 may see even more downgraded specs. From lower clock speeds to an external power brick to who-knows-what-else, one thing we know for certain is that we sure as hell won’t be getting what was promised at E3 2005."

Report: Square Enix working on PS3, Vista MMORPG
"The XBox 360 operating system shares enough similarities with Windows, he said, so that porting the Windows version of FFXI to the 360 was a fairly quick task. A PlayStation 3 version of FFXI, on the other hand, would require redeveloping the game almost from scratch, a process that Tanaka estimated would take two or three years. As a result, FFXI will emphatically not be a launch title for the PlayStation 3. In fact, Tanaka did not commit to bringing out FFXI for the PlayStation 3 at any time. He feels that the resources required to port the game to the PlayStation 3 might be better invested in a new game that’s built from the ground up for next-gen hardware–but his team has yet to make a final decision one way or another."


Rumor: PS3 "slow and broken"?
"From the way that article was written, you can tell that the person doesn’t do any PS3 development, as he isn’t talking at all about the other smaller processors which surround the Cell," one developer said. "I am not sure if the final development kits are out yet (maybe to just a few developers), so I don’t know what he is benchmarking against. Also, he is doing a lot of bashing, so it is hard to take him seriously. Basically, if what they say is correct, then the PS3 would be good with games like Fight Night, where you have a small environment with just a couple characters, but with big open area games, like Grand Theft Auto, it will have problems."


Update: Top developers slam PS3 "broken" allegations

"Yes, two cycles to set up a tri, 550Mhz/2 = 275. Same as every G7x, the same number latest NV GPUs have.
I nabbed these images from the SA thread on the original article, which should illustrate for the confused how the 16mb/s figure is a non-issue:"


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