Posted by: kurtsh | June 12, 2006

NEWS: “Why people should look very closely at licensing Office Professional today”

This is a really huge reason for folks to license Office Professional if you’re on an Enterprise Agreement or have Software Assurance:  All licenses of Office Professional 2003 convert to Office Professional Plus 2007
This means that if one were to get Office PROFESSIONAL 2003 today with Software Assurance or on an Enterprise Agreement, in 2007 they would get
a.      Publisher
b.      InfoPath
c.      Rights Management Creation/Origination licensing
d.      Workflow Capability within Office Professional Documents
e.      Report & Spreadsheet Publishing Technology through Excel Professional
f.       Slide Publishing Technology through Powerpoint Professional
Everything underlined is new to Office licensees on EA/SA. 
Office Standard licensees get none of the above.  If you don’t understand the value of letters d, e, & f, I would encourage you to start investigating what’s new in Office 2007, and pay particular attention to:
1) Report Center
2) Sharepoint slide publishing
3) Office workflows


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