Posted by: kurtsh | June 9, 2006

WEB: Finding the cheapest gas in your area using Windows Live & MSN

MSN & Windows Live has provided some really great information about gas prices in your area.  Basically enter your zip code, and it’ll list out all the gas prices of the gas stations in your geography.
Alternatively, you can do what I do:  Set up your home page to be the Windows Live page, ( which is a RSS reader that will show you article summaries of as many web sites as you configure.  One of the things you can do is install and run a "Microsoft Gadget" in this page.  This is a bit of code that queries databases on the Internet to display information relevant to you.
One of the Gadgets that’s out there is a Gas Prices gadget.
For those of you using Windows Vista Beta 2, you can take this gadget and install it to your desktop.


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