Posted by: kurtsh | June 9, 2006

VIDEO: “The Making of the Halo 3 Trailer”

If you went to E3, you know we released the Halo 3 trailer there and officially announced what was probably the worst kept secret in the gaming world:  That Halo 3 was coming to the Xbox 360 and that we are well along to making what will likely be the greatest, most epic game Microsoft has ever created – the final chapter in the Halo Trilogy. 
And they’ve pulled out all the stops.  The Bungie team, unlike previous versions of Halo, has been given what seems to be, a tremendous amount of time to make sure that the game exceeds expectations.  Everyone knows that this is the crown – the Everest – the omega product for the XBox 360:  If it doesn’t consume all of the XBox 360’s power, capabilities, and fan base, no game will.  Not Grand Theft Auto 4, not Too Human, not Gears of War.
Bungie did a cool thing:  They’re not just building a historic game… they’re documenting the creation.  This is the first of hopefully what will be many insights into the Halo 3 development process.  They explain what the heck happened in the trailer (which was very interesting to me considering that I didn’t understand everything) and they even show clips of stuff that WASN’T in the trailer. 
Here is the videos in various resolutions:


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