Posted by: kurtsh | June 8, 2006

HUMOR: Corporate IT Haikus

The boss is coming!
He’s checking on the project
All must look busy
What can I blame now?
Evil Computer Spirits
That will buy some time
The code will not run
I check the code, recompile
Sigh, it still crashes
I am a bad tech
No matter what the complaint
I blame Microsoft
My job is a sham
I don’t know what I’m doing
But they still pay me
I am sorry sir
Our program is full of bugs
Get the new version
What did I do wrong?
Was it something I said wrong?
I hate layoff blues
I hate this project
Maybe I can delay this
Until quitting time
Bonuses are not!
Stock options vest in four years?
I’ll be gone by then…
[originally taken many years ago from Punkie’s Computer Haiku site… may it rest in peace]


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